Halo 4 Armor – Foam Armor – Update 2: Handguard

Quick update today. Last night I created the handguards for the Halo 4 suit.

Like everything else, there were several handguard options. In game it changes with the forearm. I went through those options and wasn’t blown away by any of them. The main one has this Micky Mouse glove look to it:

Halo 4 hand 3D image

But hey, it’s a handguard so who cares, right? Anyways, I took this lack of exciting armor to come up with my own idea. I was watching Batman: The Animated Series while sketching a few ideas so…


That was Sunday night. Last night I went and made a more accurate design with three basic layers — a large hectagon as the base, a skinnier one on top of that, and a wide “batsignal”/warped-H as the top.

More after the jump…Custom Halo 4 hand protection

In a way, it’s really similar to Kat’s Reach guard than anything else.

Kate Reach

So it’s close enough to the Halo universe to pass. After making that design I redrew the base layer and the secondary layer separately so I could cut them out and use as a stencil.

Spartan-IV hand guard protection template

Then I cut out each piece… I used the main image (above top left) for the H shape top layer. I decided to go strictly with craft foam for this design. My EVA foam is 1/2″ thick which I felt was too thick for a handguard, plus I wanted to do a few layers so I would’ve had to cut the EVA foam in half depth-wise and that sounded like a chore I just didn’t want to get involved in. I thought maybe I would have to toss in thin cardboard to stiffen the craft foam, but it wasn’t needed. I did one base layer, one secondary layer and two top layers — so 4 foam layers thick. Each foam is 1/16″ so it’s a 1/4″ thick total. Here’s how it looks so far (with gloves that I’ll be using):


I might play around with these some more by adding some fun details but I’m not not sure what or where yet, so that’ll be done later if I figure it out. But for now the guards are done until it’s prime/paint time.

‘Till next time!


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