Halo 4 Armor – Foam Armor – Update 3: Recon ab plate armor


Second part of this week I worked on creating the Halo 4 Recon ab armor. Here’s my main reference image (it’s the small sucker on the bottom):

Halo 4 Recon armor

Pretty simple design. So like with the hand guards and the tailbone armor, we decided to create our own ab plate template.

Halo 4 Recon ab armor template

More on putting this together after the jump…

So a pretty easy, basic shape. The complicated part is that it’s not a flat piece. If you look at the reference image it curves with the body as well as bevels back a bit. That’s what that faint, pencil line is… the beveled-back part of the ab plate.

Started off by cutting out the basic shape. After that we needed to create a ditch so we could bend part of the plate backwards to get that curved, beveled look. I just drew in the warped-U shape on the back and then we started cutting out the groove.

Halo 4 Recon ab plate


This gave room for the part of the foam to fold onto itself easily. After cutting out the ditch we took a heat gun and warmed the foam up so it became nice and bendy. Then added glue to the ditch area, turning it into a moat of hotglue, and bent the top part of the ab plate into it. I held that in place as well as giving the foam a slight bend on its vertical axis so it would curve with the body. To help the glue and foam cool and set faster I stuck my hands in the freezer. Here’s a close up of the glue and ditch connection on the back.


And boom, an ab plate is born.




It’s not perfect. It’s about 95% symmetrical. One side of the ab plate is a little more angled than the other. It’s probably not very noticeable unless you’re staring closely at it. I also forgot to take into account that by curving the piece it loses it’s total length in relation to the area it’s supposed to be cover. Not much, like a half inch total, but it may be enough to bug me, so I may/may not redo this later. Also the bottom portion of the plate sticks out a bit so I might cut down on the edges of the left & right side of the plate so it rests flatter against the stomach. That’s an easy fix.

So that’s the latest. I think the cod piece is next up, then maybe the hip armor. That’ll make the mid-section armor pretty much complete until it’s time to plastidip and paint.


3 comments on “Halo 4 Armor – Foam Armor – Update 3: Recon ab plate armor

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  2. Can you guys please send me the blueprints and some tips?!! I am making a Halo movie that will come out maybe next year and me myself am going to be acting in a suit like that. I might even pay you guys $2,000 for it.

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