Halo 4 Armor – Foam Armor – Update 4: Lower ab/groin armor


It’s been a few days but I’ve been hard at work with the foam. Keeping up with the “let’s do the smaller bits first” I decided to work on the lower-ab/groin protection armor. In past Halo games this armor has been part of the belt/cod piece but in Halo 4 the Spartan-IV armor is a little bit more minimalized  there’s no belt. There’s just the hip protection, tailbone armor and cod piece. And the cod piece is extended to the lower ab and, depending on the armor you use, connects to the ab plate.

Anyways, here’s a couple of reference pictures before we get started. A head on shot and then the Recon (which is what I’m aiming at).


Halo Warrior cod piece

Halo 4 Recon Armor

Looks easy enough right? Well, it took me a few tries before I got something I liked.

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Halo 4 Armor – Foam Armor – Update 3: Recon ab plate armor


Second part of this week I worked on creating the Halo 4 Recon ab armor. Here’s my main reference image (it’s the small sucker on the bottom):

Halo 4 Recon armor

Pretty simple design. So like with the hand guards and the tailbone armor, we decided to create our own ab plate template.

Halo 4 Recon ab armor template

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Halo 4 Armor – Foam Armor – Update 2: Handguard

Quick update today. Last night I created the handguards for the Halo 4 suit.

Like everything else, there were several handguard options. In game it changes with the forearm. I went through those options and wasn’t blown away by any of them. The main one has this Micky Mouse glove look to it:

Halo 4 hand 3D image

But hey, it’s a handguard so who cares, right? Anyways, I took this lack of exciting armor to come up with my own idea. I was watching Batman: The Animated Series while sketching a few ideas so…


That was Sunday night. Last night I went and made a more accurate design with three basic layers — a large hectagon as the base, a skinnier one on top of that, and a wide “batsignal”/warped-H as the top.

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Halo 4 Armor – Foam Armor – Update 1: Tailbone

So my EVA foam came in the other day. Wohoo! Means I can start with the fun and experimental process of building Halo armor out of foam. I say experimental because I’ve never used EVA foam before for costuming or armor building. I tried the cardstock paper/Pepakura method and lots of people get amazing results with it but I had a few issues with it:

1) So many tabs
2) Easily warps
3) Can’t easily customize the size
4) If you screw up, ooops…
5) I live in a small Boston apartment. No room to do the resining and bondoing, etc.

Foam, on the other hand, is a bit more to my taste. I can customize each piece to fit me the way I’m built and not try to force a presized file to fit me with scaling. Also, if I screw up I can easily just cut that piece out again or reshape it as needed, depending on the issue. And since the foam is already pretty rigid it’s a lot easier to finalize. So those are my thoughts on that.

Over the weekend, the girlfriend and I decided to take on a simple and easier looking part of the Halo 4 armor first — the tailbone armor. I found some great Pepakura files for the tailbone armor on the 405th and tried turning that file into something I could then use with foam via TheSuperHeroTutorials vids. but even after following Stealth’s ideas that butt piece was still to complicated to turn from paper, so we decided to just draft our own pattern ourselves. Here’s a screencap from the game of what we were aiming for:

Halo 4 tailbone armor

Note: There are different tailbone/butt armor in the game. It changes when you change the leg armor, so play around and find the one you like for foam crafting.

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Halo 4 Armor – Undersuit – Update 3

So I got a little more work done on the Halo 4 undersuit. Not a ton as my EVA foam came in so I started playing with the outter armor, but still worked on it a bit. Mainly I worked on drafting the underarmor’s elbow protection.

I based my elbow/lower-tricep pattern off of Mike Loh’s Spartan-IV undersuit pattern:

Halo 4 underarmor

Fairly simple design that’ll be in several layers of black vinyl/leather. My pattern sketch:

Halo 4 elbow underarmor protection

I threw in some basic measurements in case anyone wants to try to duplicate what I did. Of course, this is sized to me so people will have to size up/down as needed. But this extends from the upper forearm to the lower tricep and wraps around the arm only slightly.

I also got in my fabric swatches. I think I’ve chosen my final stretchy fabric choices but still deciding on the mesh. The mesh sample I got from SpandexWorld is great in that it stretches but the whole are super tiny. I was hoping for something a little larger to imitate the honeycomb pattern on the Spartan-IV suits. Not sure if I’ll find a stretchy mesh with larger openings, but we’ll see.


Halo 4 Armor – Undersuit – Update 2

Last few days I’ve been working on the Halo 4 underarmor suit pants, since I’m still waiting for foam and fabric swatches to come in.

I haven’t made many pants in the past and the ones I have had been for my historical fencing so they were baggy breaches and not form-fitting pants. So this was a little bit of an adventure and experiment but I think it turned out well.

So if we go back to our reference pictures we’ll notice that the Spartan-IV undersuit pants aren’t as much pants as they are tights. They hug the legs, much like the torso portion of the underamor does. So stretchy fabric is a must so we can get the right look and be able to move as well. Here’s couple of pictures for reference:

Halo 4 Undersuit Master Chief

Halo 4 Spartan Undersuit

Now that I had my pictures at hand, I could start drafting a pattern & mock up.
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Halo 4 Armor – Undersuit – Update 1

I’m waiting for most of the supplies to ship in so I can start the actual armor building, but the wait means I have plenty of time to work on the Halo 4 Undersuit. I know a lot of people freak out when they think about possibly creating their own undersuit from scratch since sewing isn’t a skill most people learn growing up (not for anyone I really knew), but it’s really not that bad. My girlfriend taught me and if I could learn anyone can. Like the outer armor, it just takes time and dedication to learn the basics. I’m hoping this can help people get on the right track.

Note: The rest of this post takes place over the course of several days, so don’t freak out if you try this yourself and don’t get it done in a day. If you do, you’re a sewing monster.

Searching for Reference Pics
First off I wanted to get some good reference shots of what the new undersuit looks like… or, in this case, any reference shots. There’s not much out there since the game isn’t even a month old yet and it’s usually covered by the outer armor anyways, but luckily we have Spartan Ops to help out. I snagged a few screen caps of the what the undersuit looks like in the mini films before Episode 1.

Halo 4 Spartan Undersuit

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