Halo 4 Armor – Undersuit – Update 3

So I got a little more work done on the Halo 4 undersuit. Not a ton as my EVA foam came in so I started playing with the outter armor, but still worked on it a bit. Mainly I worked on drafting the underarmor’s elbow protection.

I based my elbow/lower-tricep pattern off of Mike Loh’s Spartan-IV undersuit pattern:

Halo 4 underarmor

Fairly simple design that’ll be in several layers of black vinyl/leather. My pattern sketch:

Halo 4 elbow underarmor protection

I threw in some basic measurements in case anyone wants to try to duplicate what I did. Of course, this is sized to me so people will have to size up/down as needed. But this extends from the upper forearm to the lower tricep and wraps around the arm only slightly.

I also got in my fabric swatches. I think I’ve chosen my final stretchy fabric choices but still deciding on the mesh. The mesh sample I got from SpandexWorld is great in that it stretches but the whole are super tiny. I was hoping for something a little larger to imitate the honeycomb pattern on the Spartan-IV suits. Not sure if I’ll find a stretchy mesh with larger openings, but we’ll see.



Probably the best looking Halo 4 undersuit/exoskeleton design out there

This is amazing work by James_005 over at the 405th. A great front, back and side view of the Spartan-IV (Halo 4) undersuit.

Halo 4 Spartan-IV undersuit design


Beautifully done. Probably not going to find a better look at the suit than this. It hits all the details from top to bottom.

Click here for the full-size/HD version.

Again, great work James.